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Hello, old and new friends,

I’m Henriette.

Why One Way Ticket To America? – How else could I have gotten to live the hectic American life? Don’t get me wrong. Living in America is a wonderful experience. However, if you are not careful it is very easy to get overwhelmed once you get into its fast rhythm. It can get complicated and expensive, too. When I crossed the big ocean I tried to close the doors to my past life in Romania. It was a fresh start. I am stuck here now. New habits started forming. Convenience settled in. It is much easier to eat out instead of eating at home, driving instead of walking, buying things already made, and paying someone to do things for me.

This blog is about change

I realized I needed to slow down. I miss the simple things I did in Romania like eating healthy, cooking from scratch, knitting a sweater, drinking tea, had time to read, spending time outdoors every day, and taking it easy. I am going to bring back the “good stuff” I once knew and valuable things I learned there and here to help me making changes to my current lifestyle by eliminating the useless excess and live a more balanced life. I want to do more activities with my family and friends, things I enjoy, learn something new, get more involved in the community, and why not, save money. I want to find and appreciate the little things that can make a big difference.  

What to expect:

You will find my success and insuccess stories of my trial and error experiences on finding ways to create more time for myself and my family, change existing habits and build new healthy ones, manage money, some of my Romanian style cooking, and different DIY projects that are all aiming towards a simpler and more meaningful lifestyle. Sometimes I like to write about Romania. Things will probably be scattered for a while until I get on the right track but knowing my obsession with “practice makes perfect” I will be doing a lot of tweaking on my blog.

What can I say about me? I am a faithful Netflix watcher, shower singer, gardening enthusiast, and firm believer in “Why pay someone when I can do it myself?” I am a woman of many talents (not much of a dancer, though). I can handle anything from a sewing needle to frying pan and electric drill.

  • I love taking walks with Kasper, my English Cream Retriever. He is a lot of fun. Wesley left us last year. He was our friend and companion for 13 1/2 years. Once you have known the love of a Golden is hard to have another kind of pet.
  • I enjoy riding my bike, traveling, and learning about different cultures, art, and architecture
  • In the future: I want to have a green house, own a flower shop and a B&B
  • In the immediate future: I want to visit Alaska and go on a hot air balloon ride
  • I want to learn: how to drive a boat (a small one)
  • My idea of paradise – swinging on a hammock and basking in the French Polynesian sun with lots of Mai Tai next to me without a worry in the world.

This is it. I want to live the simple life. I am on a journey of various transformations and would like for you to join me. It is a process and going to take time and some very good planning but I believe I have the determination and discipline to do it. Are you ready? Because I can’t wait! Until then I am leaving you with a Romanian poem I read in English (there will be some of my “first time” things in here, too. I just like being silly sometimes.)

Welcome aboard!

Live simply and happily. You can do it.

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