Brushstrokes of Lazy Summer Days in the Romanian Countryside

Romania’s countryside has been an inspiration to writers, poets, musicians, painters, and other artists predominantly in the past two centuries. Any traveler visiting Romania today can’t wait to get a taste of it. Instead of relying on modern photography and/or film to share some of the country’s rustic life, I thought that it would be more interesting to find out how it looked thorough the eyes of a painter. That was when I learned about Nicolae Vermont.

Nicolae Vermont is a Romanian painter whose unique personal style was strongly marked by Realism. Many of his paintings depict the Romanian picturesque rural life at the turn of the 19th Century. Vermont was able to vividly represent the simple and laid back life style in the countryside using a subtle mix of color that concentrates on light, detail, and emotion. Surprisingly, many themes of his paintings can still be found today in many regions of the country as if they were frozen in time.

Women proudly wear their traditional costumes that they meticulously embroidered by hand. Even though there are chores to get done there is always time for a chat. They are taking care of their household, go to church, and find time to enjoy the outdoors in a summer day together with their family. Men are being seen returning from farm work or fishing.

In 1906, during the 40th anniversary of the coronation of King Carol I, Vermont’s paintings were exhibited in Bucharest. Vermont was named “one of the most accomplished” Romanian painters. It is unfortunate that a large portion of his art was destroyed during World War II. You may be able to see his work in private collections. Some of his paintings are currently being sold at auctions.

Tarancuta cosind (Peasant Girl Sewing)
La tirg (At the Market)
Asteptarea (The Wait)
Cusatoreasa (The Seamstress)
Fetita cu ulciorul (A Young Girl Carrying a Pitcher)
Cusatoreasa (Woman Sewing)
Micuta florareasa (Young Girl Selling Flowers)
In natura (In the Middle of Nature)
Tarancuta cu flori (Peasant Woman with Flowers)
Fetita cu cocosul ( A Girl With a Rooster)
Manastirea Namaiesti (Namaiesti Monastery)
Scrisoarea de pe front (Letter From the Front)
Amiaza la sat (An Afternoon In the Village)
Cu rufele la riu (Washing Clothes in the River)
Popas (Halt)
Sat de pescari (The Fishermen Village)
Drum de tara (A Road In the Countryside)
Peisaj_la_Câmpulung Nicolae Vermont
Peisaj la Cimpulung (Landscape at Cimpulung)
De la moara (Coming From the Windmill)
In gradina (In the Garden)
Peisaj de vara (Summer Landscape)

Featured Image: In plin soare (Bathing In the Sun) and photos from Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

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