It Was An Unexpected Invite [inside a private historic home in New Orleans]

One day before I left New Orleans, I had decided to drive around and take pictures of some beautiful historic homes. At one point, my camera got stuck. While I was trying to adjust it, a man came over to me.

It looked like he was the owner of the house I was trying to photograph. I asked him if it was all right with him if I took a photo of the front of his beautiful plantation/Greek revival – style house.

He didn’t mind. Then he invited me to see the inside of his home. I politely accepted. However, I was skeptical about the invitation. I did not know what to expect.

Then I understood from the moment I stepped into the house. I could not believe that I was so lucky to be offered a wonderful and unique occasion to visit this exquisite home. Not only the owners had great taste for decorating but they preserved its 19th century features as well as making it functional for our times. I found out that it had been in their family for three generations since 1871 and has already been featured in a couple of magazines.

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Featured Image: Public Domain (Wikimedia Commons by J. L. Bouqueto de Woiseri, New Orleans in 1803)

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