Thursday Doors 

This is my first post about doors. The ones I found are from my first trip to New Orleans in the little time I had available to visit.

The door above, comes from a house on Esplanade Avenue. I love the beautiful Italian ironwork that blends so well with the heavy oak tree look of the door.

The door below can also be found on Esplanade Avenue. It may not be original to the house. I chose it because of its decorative “lace ironwork” motif that was very popular prior to mid – 1800s and derived from Spanish architecture. It could be found in a lot of the homes in the French Quarter and the Garden District. The lace is often floral and sometimes is adorned with fleur – de – lis motif.20170227_165514The third door is located in the French Quarter. It seems to have a more updated look. I liked it because of the mixture of a well maintained older door ornate with beautiful stained glass that goes well with the door shutters and gingerbread elements trying to keep with the 19th century style.2017-02-26-139The fourth door may not seem to be architecturally special looking but it comes with a story. I chose it because it is the door to Madame Delphine LaLaurie’s haunted house in the French Quarter. It is well known that Madame LaLaurie was torturing her slaves. Nowadays, people are saying that they can still hear screams coming from the inside of the house. See story here [picturesque and a short horror story] Colors and Architecture of the French Quarter20170226_175159The last door belongs to the most decorated house I found for Mardis Gras this year. It seems that the door maintained its character and was adorned with an old – fashioned looking iron lock.

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14 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 

  1. Vicky

    What lovely doors for your first TD post! That ironwork lace is divine and the Mardi Gras decorations are just excellent! How I wish I had a local celebration that allowed me to go totally wild with my door 🙂 !


    • Henriette

      Thank you, Vicky. I didn’t plan to look for doors. It just happened to find them while I was walking in the city. The Mardis Gras decorations are something else. It was a nice surprise to find this house.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Henriette

      Thank you. I tried. Every year, the house gets decorated differently. I was told that it won awards for the best decorated house for Mardis Gras. I asked locals what they were doing with so many beads. They said that people kept them all year round and used them for other holidays. The beads remain hung until they get damaged and fall off.


  2. Norm 2.0

    Welcome to Thursday Doors and thanks for joining us 🙂
    I was in New Orleans about 20 years ago but didn’t get to stay and explore as much as I would have liked. Lots of great architecture and beautiful doors there.


    • Henriette

      Thank you for your warm welcome! There are some beautiful homes in New Orleans. I wished I could visit some more. The city was so crowded because of the parades that it was difficult to get around. It is definitely worth another visit.

      Liked by 1 person

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