Crochet and Lace for Spring [romantic dresses from Venus catalog]

A couple of weeks ago, I received a catalog in the mail from Venus. I don’t remember getting one in a very long time and never really paid attention to it because I found their clothes to be too “extravagant” for my lifestyle. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this time they included some items that I thought they were more conservative. I chose three dresses that kept up with the crochet and lace trend that it seemed to still be going on with the warm weather and appropriate with the feminine and romantic style that I liked.

The dress that caught my eye heppened to be pictured on the cover of the catalog. This dress would be too short for me if there wasn’t for the extension that turned it into a maxi dress. However, the weight of this bohemian sweater – style dress will easily enhance any woman’s natural beauty. I like the white color and the partially open bell – shape sleeves that make it airy and elegant. I could see myself wearing it at dinner somewhere by the beach on those breezy nights of a tropical vacation.

The light blue dress is a high slit sleeveless maxi dress with a delicate lace motif that makes it very elegant and versatile. I can see it worn pretty much at any occasion.

The last dress is an ivory lace halter that keeps up with the feminine theme. I love the fringe detail on dresses that show just enough and leave the rest to imagination. This island – inspired dress will be perfect to show off some of that nice suntan you have been working so hard at.

The best thing about these dresses is that their price doesn’t exceed $69.

Photo above:









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