They’re Still Doors [Thursday Doors]

How would you like to live in a house whose windows you were unable to open and the only way to enter the house was through the door at the second floor? And it seems it may have some problems with the pipes. As you probably guessed it was a make believe scenario that I came up with when I first saw this arrangement. It was Tuesday night. I was in desperate need for at least one door for the “Thursday Doors”. I thought this door would qualify. It is a door after all, isn’t it?

You can find this door in a very artsy restaurant called “Mellow Mushroom” in Asheville, North Carolina. Asheville is an artist’s Paradise. It is well known for eclectic art galleries and design studios. I loved the artist’s idea to hang the only door in the house at the second floor. The changing colors of the light inside the house give a nice cool effect.

I did not expect the following two doors, or whatever was left of them, to come my way. I found them by accident driving around Asheville. I think the saying “Some people’s trash is other people’s treasure” may be appropriate here. The one on the left was hung in front of a property and the one on the right was hiding in an alley of a gardening shop. They could be used anywhere inside the house for a touch of farm style decorating or enhancing the look around the house or your garden. As is, decorated, or painted with a bit of colored paint, these doors are pretty versatile and will really stand out no matter were they hang.

I found the next door downtown Asheville and liked its yellow color and decorative motif that worked so well with the other colors around it.20170329_150417The last one could have been either a door or a window. I couldn’t exactly tell because it was completely blocked. By looking and comparing the similar features of the door next to it I am guessing it used to be a door. I am listing it because its artist did such a nice job painting it.20170329_160026Also see Thursday Doors











4 thoughts on “They’re Still Doors [Thursday Doors]

  1. Norm 2.0

    Some nice discoveries in this post. I really like the potential of those old stripped-down doors. A fresh coat of paint or stain and anything is possible – thanks for sharing them 🙂


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