Palazzo Pants and Off-the-shoulder Blouses [New York and Company]

Thank you Coco Chanel for giving us freedom of movement! Palazzo pants are back in style this spring. Palazzo pants have periodically been reintroduced into fashion from the 1930’s famous Hollywood actresses to the Hippie era. The off-the-shoulder blouses that are also the trend this season can easily be matched with the Palazzo pants.

7th Avenue Pant – Palazzo – Bird Print (

7th Avenue Pant – Palazzo – Orchid Print (

Buckled Palazzo Pant – Black (

7th Avenue – Ruffled halter Blouse (color Cherry Blossom) can be paired with the bird print pants and the black pants (

7th Avenue Off – the – shoulder Bell – sleeve Top (color Irish Landscape) goes perfectly with the green and the black pants (

7th Avenue One – shoulder Lace Top will go nicely with the black pants for a monochromatic look (

Palazzo pants are different than the wide-leg pants. Wide-leg pants are relaxed fit, generally straight cut from thigh to ankle. The fit of Palazzo pants is more generous. They are extremely wide throughout the leg and appear like a loose-fitting maxi skirt.  They are light and airy and can be worn from day to night. They are best in spring to late summer.

Palazzo pants are associated with Coco Chanel who loved wearing trousers. In the 1920’s, she went on a trip to Venice and came across wide-legged trousers that she made them a high fashion statement.

Palazzo pants make any woman look slimmer because they usually have a high waist. They add volume to the bottom half of your figure and are best coupled with a cropped, slim-fitting top that will keep the spotlight on the pants. For shoes, pumps, sandals, or corked wedges work very well. A chunky beaded necklace and clutch purse will complete the look.

I have been very successful buying my clothes at the New York and Co. store. It’s been five years since I began shopping there regularly. I always find something that I like. I used to spend hours at the mall shopping for clothes. I would come home with just a blouse or sometimes nothing at all.

New York and Co. changes their collection frequently and gives you ideas on how to wear their clothes. They are stylish and always have a different look. I had no problems with washing any piece of clothing I bought from there. I always get good deals with coupons and gift certificates. It is a one stop shopping place for me. I don’t have to run around the mall trying to match things. I go in and find whatever I need. I am done. It doesn’t take me more than an hour to come out with at least a couple of complete matching outfits and some jewelry. You should try it.

Featured Image: Jessica Alba,

Photos Coco Chanel and Katharine Hepburn: Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons











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