Suite Française [Bruno’s Theme – piano piece and movie scenes]

Is there ever a right time to fall in love?

Love is not something we schedule. It comes to us when we least expect it. It doesn’t care about our agenda or if we are ready for it or not. It just happens. Love can be gentle or a tyrant that can enslave us during the most awkward times. Its strength can even supersede times of war.suite francaise

We are aware that wars are never a good time to fall in love but we still do it.suite francaise 3

Love can defy times and knows no boundaries. It makes us helpless. We can’t stop it. Love can be more powerful than our strongest beliefs. The only thing that gets in its way is our conscience. Which one will win?

Saul Dibb describes Bruno’s Theme by Alexandre Desplat as “subtle and athmospheric”. It is a beautiful piece. If you haven’t heard it yet, here it is.

Suite Française is a 2015 British-French-Belgian romantic World War II drama film (Netflix) based on the second part of the novel of the same name by Irène Némirovsky. It is a romance story that takes place in the early years of the German occupation of France. Lucille, who lives with her mother-in-law in a French village, awaits news of her husband who was serving in the French Army. Bruno is a German officer who was billeted at her mother-in-law’s household.

Lucille’s attention got drawn to him when she heard an unfamiliar piece of music played on the piano. Bruno used to be a music composer before the war. He started his composition but did not get a chance to finish it. Lucille was also taken by Bruno’s kind nature and atypical attitude about the war. A series of events lead Bruno to assist Lucille with helping a farmer escape to Paris to join the French resistance. With no news from Bruno after the war, Lucille kept his music score called Suite Française to treasure his memory.

Here’s a very nice video about Lucille and Bruno with scenes from the movie.

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