The Best Place in North Carolina is…

… my house! It is cozy, inviting, and has a touch of French country decor. My kitchen is wide and open and has an island where a bowl with tomatoes, onions, and garlic and another bowl with lemons sit on its counter at all times. I keep my refrigerator full so I have everything I need in case I have a spontaneous desire to cook something special. When I am not in the main cooking area you will find me writing at my corner desk at one end of the kitchen or sitting on my sofa under a blanket next to the fireplace with a book in my hands and my beautiful Golden Retriever laying at my feet.

I like to have breakfast at my large farm table and look at the backyard. The window blinds are always raised up. The warmth of the light and the green color of the trees and shrubs are regular guests in my house. My backyard is large and fenced in. There, I play with my dog and walk around to find out what else is new with my vegetable garden and everything else that grows.

Yesterday, I saw only one branch with all its leaves changing colors. I thought it was unusual. The others had one orange leaf here and there. We expect fall around October. I have always wondered why I get fall catalogs in the mail around this time of the year. It felt good to know that I was in synch with nature. I am normally way behind. I was glad that this time I paid attention.

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Sometimes I just take a nap in my lounge chair under the lime green market umbrella. I love to feel the breeze or the wind on my face. It is so quiet. I can see and hear the red cardinals singing in my trees. I don’t spend too much time on the porch. When I do, I look at my Crepe Myrtle trees and the Southern Magnolia and listen to the chirp of the birds hiding in there.

Everything looks so beautiful and fresh after rain. We got quite a bit of rain this summer. I like all seasons especially the mild winters when some trees are still green. Here, I have everything I need. This is my sanctuary. This is home.

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