Friganele or French Pancakes Breakfast

What are you doing with bread when it starts to get hard? If you are like me you keep it in the refrigerator until it gets old and stale and then you throw it away. The other foods that I also have a difficulty consuming before the expiration date are eggs and milk. I don’t use eggs very often in my cooking and the same as bread I have to get rid of a lot of them because they expired. Milk is something I use every morning. However, my husband likes to buy milk by the gallon. There is always something left over that I won’t need. So, today, I remembered how my mom used these three items to make a very delicious breakfast/desert. I was so glad that I found use for all of them at the same time. Why don’t you try it and let me know how it went? Your kids are going to love it for sure. 

Step 1: I poured a little bit more than 16 oz. of regular milk into a bowl. I added three tablespoons of sugar to mix them with the milk and two tablespoons of pure vanilla essence. You may use any type of milk or sugar and add some more while you cook if you need to. You can substitute the vanilla with one tablespoon of ground cinnamon.

Step 2: I baterred two medium eggs into a small bowl.20170901_134333

Step 3: I cut eight slices from an Italian loaf of bread with the thickness of about half an inch.20170901_134827

Step 4: I melted three tablespoons of unsalted butter (you can use a substitute or oil) in a frying pan until it got hot.20170901_141546

Step 5: I dipped one slice of bread at the time in the milk mixture first. Then I dipped it in the bowl with the beaten eggs and placed it in the frying pan.

Step 6: When the slices of bread were fried on one side I flipped them on the other. You may add more butter if you need to.

We had them for breakfast this morning. I arranged them on a plate and served with maple syrup for my husband and marmalade for me (you may use any fruit preserve or real fruit). They are different than the French Toast because they are supposed to be soft with just a little bit of a crunch. The preparation time and cooking time took about 30 minutes. You can adjust the quantities depending on how large you would like the servings to be. This is the first time I made this breakfast. It was very tasty and easy to make. You can also use it as desert.

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