My First Smart Purchases For This Year [reviews]

One of the things I do at the beginning of each year is declutter different parts of my house in particular the clothes closets. There is always something in there that is either so worn out that I need to throw away or hasn’t been used in a long time and doesn’t fit anymore but still in good shape that can make somebody else happy. I shop for clothes only if I really need to. The price also has to be right. January is a great time to find high quality bargains because of major sales the retail stores have going on. If you are caught up with your last year’s bills, made your spending plan for this year, and your wardrobe needs sprucing up it is worth checking out your favorite retail stores at the mall and online. Because of my closet cleaning my clothes for warm weather are running low. These deals couldn’t have come at a better time.

Deal# 1Woolovers – Aran cable patterns are my soft spot when it comes to sweaters. As much as I would like to knit all my sweaters I find impossible to resist some of the machine created designs. I am looking for versatile sweaters that I can wear frequently during the year. The sweater I bought this time from Woolovers makes a perfect addition to my spring clothing. I love Woolovers for the variety and quality of their products. This was my fourth shopping experience with them. They had a major sale online a few weeks ago and a lot of good stuff went down in price. Green Sweater Collage (1)

Favorite features: 100% lambswool, beautiful greenish color almost like seafoam green, uneven front cut, slanted cable design, different pattern for each sleeve, and loose fit

Price: $17 (the 70% off sale). The sweater was part of a $53 purchase that qualified for free shipping and a $40 cash back reward that I will use in the future at New York and Company store.

Deal#2: New York and Company – This is my favorite store to shop for clothing. It is a one stop shop place for me and saves me a lot of time. I never make shopping plans ahead. I only stop by at their store when I happen to be at the mall looking for something I need. I rarely shop their online store. I know there will always be a good buy at their store at the mall. I have been a customer there for years. I like their style, price, and quality. They have some nice collections that give you ideas on how to mix and match different pieces. About every three weeks they bring in new selections. It helps to have an account with them because of the discounts they offer. I am also enrolled in a reward program where I get money back on certain purchases and can spend here.

Purchase#1 was a peasant style blouse with pink flowers on a green background from the Eva Mendes collection that is great for warm weather. It was a new arrival. There are no breaks on new arrivals. However, this is the time to get something you really like because once they go on sale you may not find your size or are already sold out. As true as this may be, I don’t buy a new arrival unless there is some type of deal that allows me to get it for less.

Favorite features: sheer polyester, the shade of pink used for the flowers design that go well with the green background, long sleeves with layers of ruffles, and small and delicate fabric covered buttons. I will wear it with same pink shade of sunglasses and a light pink leather belt.

Price: $29.98. This blouse was originally priced at $59.95. As an account holder, I was able to save 50% off the regular price.

Green Blouse Collage (1)

Purchase#2 was a grey sweater with a little of orange in it and an Aran cable design (of course) made out of acrylic/cotton/polyester/other fibers.

Open Back Sweater Collage

Favorite features: open back (looks like wearing a sweater backwards) and loose fit, another item suitable for a warmer weather.

Price: $12.99 on the sales rack. I was lucky to find my size.

Total paid: $42.97. I had 40$ in cash rewards and paid in the end $2.98 plus 7% tax ($3.19) for two items.

My final spending (between these two stores) came to $20.19 ($3.19 plus $17 for a total of three items). I paid $6.73 on average for each item. I am currently waiting for my $40 reward for my purchase at Woolovers. Now, this is my kind of shopping!

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