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  1. From the Man That Still Keeps the Christmas Spirit Alive For Romanians
  2. So Far Apart and Yet So Much Alike [Romania’s Carpathian Mountains and Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina]
  3. What Is Happening With the Real Romanian Language? [untranslated]
  4. Corruption In Romania – American Citizens Be Aware
  5. Taste I Could Never Forget
  6. Where to Find a Nice Green Spot in the Center of Bucharest
  7. How to Visit Bucharest the Smart Way
  8. A Stories Telling Park in Bucharest – Carol Park
  9. A Beautiful Way to Remember Romania When You Like Music [Romanian Rhapsodies]
  10. Brushstrokes of Lazy Summer Days in the Romanian Countryside
  11. Things I Would Bring From a Trip to Romania
  12. 10 Tips You Must Know Before You Go Hiking in Romania
  13. Ahh…This Mud Is Amazing
  14. Celebrating an Early Spring Arrival With Cool Romanian Traditions
  15. How Would You Like to Tour Romania’s Countryside In Two Hours?
  16. There Were Others Before Matisse [The Romanian Blouse]
  17. Two Poems by Mihai Eminescu [Romanian poet, English audio, Romanian native speaker]

My Nostalgic Romania

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  1. Life With a Name Constantly Mispronounced
  2. Unforgettable Childhood Memories [home alone – March 4, 1977 Earthquake]
  3. What It Meant to Be a Busy Child
  4. My First and Only True Friend
  5. I Made It to My First Real Christmas in America

Romanian Style Cooking

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  1. My Anytime Salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, peppers, avocado, olives)
  2. Mashed Lima Beans [vegetarian dish]
  3. Not Sure What To Have For Dinner? Cauliflower – The Amazing Vegetable [Five Cheese Cauliflower Bake]
  4. I’ve Had Enough of This Ham!
  5. Let’s Get Nutty, Honey! [squash gone crazy]
  6. Friganele or French Pancakes Breakfast
  7. Eggplant – The Forgotten Vegetable
  8. Let’s Have a Drink, Shall We? [made from summer fruits]
  9. A 10-minute Spinach and Feta Cheese Omelette
  10. Don’t You Like Your Wine? Boil It!
  11. How to Cook With Grape Leaves
  12. A Simple 5-step Vegetable Soup For the Cold Season
  13. C’mon Zucchini, Get In the Pot!

photos:; video: Romania,, song Arcadia by Ashley Collins, Emmanuel North