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  1. Salad For Lunch – 639.50 calories (baby spinach, chicken, avocado, Brie cheese, and nuts)
  2. My New 439 Calories Breakfast and a New Habit
  3. The Best Place in North Carolina is…
  4. Seize the Moment: In the Morning…
  5. Not Just Another App – This May Be the Future (WeChat)
  6. To Hide or Reveal [What Mask Are You Wearing?]


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1. My Credit Cards “Paid” For My Holidays Shopping [cash back rewards program]

Smart Shopping

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  1. My First Smart Purchases For This Year [reviews]
  2. Is This It For SnapChat Spectacles?
  3. Palazzo Pants and Off-the-shoulder Blouses [New York and Company]
  4. Crochet and Lace for Spring [romantic dresses from Venus catalog]

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  1. Fast Soup For Mushroom Lovers in Pictures
  2. They’re Still Doors [Thursday Doors]
  3. Historic Homes Across the Mississippi River [Algiers Point]
  4. Thursday Doors
  5. It Was An Unexpected Invite [inside a private historic home in New Orleans]
  6. Walking On Esplanade Avenue
  7. On Bourbon Street the Night Before Mardis Gras 2017
  8. Colors and Architecture of the French Quarter [and a short horror story]
  9. Elegance From Another Era – How Would You Wear Them Today?
  10. Poutine’s Story On a Wall [including American version from Asheville, North Carolina]
  11. Some of Louisiana’s Famous Food [very new to me – it must be the alligator]

* From My Library

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…and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?  – Vincent van Gogh

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  1. Lust For Life [Van Gogh book and movie]
  2. Discovering Russian Tales
  3. Forgotten Book – Sans Famille (Nobody’s Boy)[French literature]
  4. Suite Française [Bruno’s Theme – piano piece and movie scenes]
  5. A Thorny Kind of Love Story
  6. Songs From Las chicas del cable (Cable Girls – Netflix)
  7. Fable For Grown-ups – The Little Prince
  8. 25 Years Later – I Still Remember Those Verses
  9. Edith Piaf’s Song Non, je ne regrette rien (No Regrets) on The Voice Kids
  10. It’s Nice to Meet You, Anne with an ‘E’ [Netflix]

* Knit With Me

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knitting yarn

  1. Just in Time For the Cold Weather
  2. Scarf, Neck Warmer, Or Wrap… You Choose
  3. Make It Your Next Knitting Project

For Teachers

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*** Articles in English and Romanian

dead poets society

Make your lives extraordinary – quote Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society (1989)

  1. [for Romanian teachers] Ce inseamna “Flipped Classroom”? (part 1)
  2. [for Romanian teachers] Ce ar trebui sa cunoasteti inainte sa “Flip Your Classroom” (part 2)
  3. [for Romanian teachers] Adoptarea tehnologiei in scolile din Romania: succes sau insucces?
  4. A New Orientation of Education In the United States: Do We Still Need Teachers? [untranslated, technology]
  5. Do We Still Need to Know How to Hand Write? [untranslated, for Romanian teachers, technology]
  6. [for Romanian teachers] Schimbarile in educatie nu sint intotdeauna un lucru bun
  7. KENKEN – un puzzle matematic 
  8. [for Romanian teachers] ClassDojo – un mod de a corecta comportamentul copiilor in clasa
  9. Profesori de scoala: este timpul sa ne pregatim pentru inceputul unui nou an scolar
  10. Invatarea cu ajutorul benzilor desenate sau “Comic Strips”
  11. Profesori de scoala: prima intrunire cu parintii
  12. Cum Google poate sa ajute la invatarea copiilor
  13. [for Romanian Teachers] Favoritele copiilor – Quizizz si Kahoot pentru predare si testare
  14. [for Romanian teachers] Cum am inceput noul an scolar
  15. [for Romanian teachers] Cine a crezut ca pedeapsa corporala nu mai exista in scoli?
  16. [for Romanian teachers] Predarea fara folosirea hirtiei
  17. [for Romanian teachers] Cum sa creati un mediu tehnologic cu un buget cit mai redus
  18. [for Romanian teachers] Sa devin profesor, sa nu devin profesor
  19. [for Romanian teachers] Cum sa gasesti modalitati de ai invata pe toti copiii
  20. [for Romanian teachers] “Differentiated Instruction” – Tic-Tac-Toe (“X si zero”)
  21. Multiplication Around the World -What Kids Like [Asian style, Lattice, Napier’s Rods, Egyptian style]
  22. [for Romanian teachers] Cum facerea temelor influenteaza invatarea
  23. [for Romanian teachers] – Cit de bine va cunoasteti inteligentele proprii ?
  24. [short movie] For the Love of Learning
  25. [short movie] The Colors of Mathematics – Fractals Show
  26. Who Wins the Chewing Gum Battle?
  27. [math technique] About Those Percentages…
  28. Is Homework Truly Helping Children’s Learning?
  29. [for Romanian teachers] Cum puteti explica problemele cu rezultate gresite
  30. [for Romanian teachers] Cum sa desenezi fulgul de zapada Koch – Koch Snowflake
  31. Learning About Scale Drawing Using Real Design
  32. [for Romanian teachers] Acronimele ajuta la rezolvarea problemelor de matematica
  33. First Step [Math Class -Percent Problems]

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